Petidoux Flowers and butterflies pjs

Petidoux Flowers and butterflies pjs

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Celebrating this year's favorite colors: Blushing Pink and Light Green .

Cute little Butterflies are flying over fields of Spring Flowers ( Lilies of the valley, Sweet violets, Pansies and Daisies) : a classic Spring Design.

In the Victorian language of flowers, lily of the valley meant "return of happiness", a delicate symbol of purity and sweetness. 

Renowned of its fragrance and delicate nodding white flowers, lilies of the Valley have a very special place in France.

On the 1st of May,  for la "Fete du Travail" (Labor Day), it is a French tradition for friends and family to offer each other little bouquets of lily of the valley ("muguets") for good luck.  The more little bell-like flowers the plant has, the better the luck.

Few butterflies

With great attention to detail, we matched the front buttons' thread to the printed pink flowers for a perfectly polished look