Nella Pima Star blanket

Nella Pima Star blanket

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Loved by those dealing with a new-born for the first time, this blanket, made in Peru, is perfect for all babies. With a picot trim and soft fabric, this blanket is ideal for snugly wrapping your baby in. Its fabric is lightweight and delightful to touch. It is astonishingly comfortable and is sure to keep the baby warm and cosy. With an innovative and simple design, decorated with fun blue stars, this blanket is just the perfect way to welcome your little one into this beautiful world.

Just like most things, the quality of cotton can vary greatly. The true secret behind the softness and quality of our products comes from the northern coastal valleys of Peru, known as Peruvian Pima Cotton. The properties of this fiber create for a more durable fabric, that gives it its unparalleled luxurious touch that is most desired.

  • 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

  • Machine washable

  • 29 inches * 32 inches

  • Made in Peru